Open last file automatically in sketchup 2019

Is there a setting to make sketchup open the last file automatically when the program starts, instead of having to select it in the window that appears. I have heard that it is possible in mac os, but I am on windows and cannot find the setting for it.
Sincerely Kasper.

Do you want to open the last file you had open or simply set the usual template to open without seeing the welcome screen?

I would like to know how to have my default template open automatically and also how to have the last worked on file open automatically.

The default template will open automatically if you go to Window/Preferences/General and untick Show welcome screen.
As for getting the last to open, I don’t know an automatic way, but if you have an SU icon pinned to your taskbar, you can right click on that an choose from the last 10 or so.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the checkbox for “show welcome window” is grayed out, so that I cannot uncheck it. As for the other answer. Please explain what you mean by an SU icon pinned to the taskbar. Do you mean a shortcut to the program?

Yes, with Win 10 you can drag a desktop shortcut to the taskbar and it will become pinned for easy access.
I don’t know why the welcome screen checkbox would be grayed out, perhaps you haven’t chosen a favourite template, perhaps you didn’t install SU by using Right Click on the Install file and Run as Administrator to install it.

OK. I’ll try to reinstall as administrator. The shortcut option and rightclicking does work. Weird that I have to install as administrator, but if that’s what it takes, then I’ll do it.

No need to uninstall or anything, just get the original installation exe and use that, then when it asks choose repair and it will fix things without changing anything in your setup.

Yeah. I already did that before opening this post and it still has that section grayed out. But I’ll just reinstall and see if that helps. Thanks.