Several Questions

First, why can I not open multiple files using the File menu? I find that I must first load SU each time I want to open another file to have multiple files open at once. After selecting and loading the program, I get the splash screen that allows me to “Start Using SketchUp.”

Second, why is the splash screen necessary ( or is it)? Am I doing something wrong in the way I’m using SU?

Third, I reported having mouse problems and found that I had the inferencing option on rather than off. Changing that has helped but not eliminated the problem. I find that when I click on a tool, it is not always selected. I have to click 2 or more times to select it sometimes. Other times I get a selection on the first click. I also have problems with the cursor jumping when I click to define a point. I suspect these might be vagaries of my old Logitech M510 mouse; however, someone suggested that the problem might be that my graphics card is not adequate for SU. I run the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT which, while not the latest and greatest, is a reliable 3D graphics card, I think. Should I consider a different graphics card? If so, which one?

Fourth, where can I find basics tutorials for using SU?

Fifth, I downloaded and installed the 2016 Make for 64-bit but the software seems to be installed in the 32-bit Programs library. Is this normal or did I do something (else) wrong?

I’ll stop at 5.

Thank you in advance for all responses. They shall be gratefully received and greatly appreciated.

About the Welcome Screen, you can disable it by unchecking “Always show on startup” option.

About opening another file, the File → New command will close your currently open SketchUp file (I have no idea why it works like that). However, here’s a quick tip from me. If you want to quickly open a new SketchUp window, uncheck the “Show on startup” mentioned earlier and middle click on your open SKP file in the taskbar. Here’s a GIF! (Don’t mind the V-Ray icon.)

About tutorials, here are some links:

  1. SketchUp Video Tutorials: Getting Started
  2. Learn SketchUp
  3. Getting Started with SketchUp Part 1

The third one is my personal favourite. The rest you’ll have to learn by exploring and playing around with the tools. SketchUp is fun and entertaining unlike other 3D softwares!

About the last one, are you absolutely sure you downloaded the 64-bit version? Mine is installed on a custom folder, so I can’t check this one but nonetheless, make sure you have the correct version.

SketchUp Product Downloads Official Page

That’s it I guess. Cheers! :blush:

Actually, you can do that with the pro version but not Make. With Make get to look at the splash screen every time. Very small inconvenience in exchange for getting SketchUp for free.


I agree wholeheartedly DaveR. Thanks for letting me know the issue. I thought I was doing something wrong.