Can't Open a Second SketchUp file

I am able to open up a SketchUp file from the file explorer, or from within SketchUp going to File->Open or File->New, however, I need to be able to open two files at once. Normally how I was able to do this was by opening the first file, and then going into the file explorer and finding the second file that I needed and opening that, which would create a second instance of SketchUp which I can put on my second monitor and easily copy objects from one file to the other. For some reason, starting just a few days ago, I can no longer do this. Whenever I try to open a second file I get a bug splat, however, the original SketchUp remains open.
Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Zachary,

Great description of the problem.
Please tell us a bit more about the system.

• Laptop or Desktop ?
• Using a Laptop Dock ?
• Operating System: Windows ??
• CPU ?
• Graphics Card: ?


What happens if, instead of opening another file from browser, you try to launch another instance of sketchup by right-clicking on sketchup logo on your windows toolbar > hitting sketchup ?