Opening multiple projects

I can’t seem to open more than one project at any one time
I am sure it is just a setting but I can’t seem to find it.

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Ronan Keegan

How are you trying to open them.
If you are using File/Open then it won’t work as it will replace the current file. But if you open from explorer it should work.

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You should be able to have multiple SketchUp sessions open at one time. Each one opens separately so you can’t use Open from the file menu to get a second one open. Use the shortcut on the desktop or if the model file exists, find it and open it. I currently have two session of 2021 open along with a session of 2020.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Cheers Dave & Box, I was able to open from explorer!

But only on Windows. On Mac, it opens the other file - when opened directly in SketchUp - without closing the already opened file.
Why is that?

Right. Since the OP indicates using Windows, Box and I responded accordingly.

But my Question is: Why does it on Windows not work like on Mac?

You need to ask Bill Gates.

Ah ok, so freaking Windows ist the problem. Not SketchUp. Thanks.

Or the SketchUp developers. LayOut has a multi-document interface.
I know of other modellers with the same limitation too so it might be Windows.

Lots of other programs have the same limitation. Multiple instances of the program must be running to have multiple files open.

I’m not sure why it is that LayOut took the multiple tabs approach and not the multiple instances approach. One drawback of the LayOut approach is that you can’t have two different versions of LayOut open a the same time. With SketchUp you can either have more than one instance of SketchUp of the same version open, or of different versions.

The situation is so normal on Windows that there is even a control panel setting you can use to gather the multiple instances into one menu in the taskbar:

I imagine it’s related to how in many apps on Windows, each document has its own menu bar attached to the window. On Mac, documents in one application share a menu bar.

In addition to opening the SKP from File Explorer, to get a new instance of SketchUp for that file, you can also shift-click on the SketchUp icon in the task bar, or right-click in the task bar and choose SketchUp from the list. In those cases you also would get a new instance running.

By long-standing convention, Windows apps are “document-centric”, which means that each running instance of the app can deal with only one document at a time. If you want to open a second file at the same time, you need to launch a second copy of the app.

Likewise by convention, Apple apps are “application-centric”, which means that they run only one instance of an app at a time but allow it to simultaneously open multiiple documents.

LIke the others, I have no insight as to why Layout would be different.

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Cheers Peter
I run windows on a Mac and that worked perfectly

You’re a gent!

Cheers Steve
tried this and it worked perfectly, thanks so much!

Or middle/scroll wheel click.