Opening more files at a time

Hi, is there anyway to have SU open more than 1 file at a time?

Yes. Just open additional files. What operating system and what version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile is incomplete.

Windows 8.1, SU 2017.
If I open a new file or create a new one, the currently open file closes…I mean, I cannot have several opened file windows at once

How are you trying to open the second file?

Perhaps the first file that was opened is not actually closed, but it’s viewport window becomes obscured by the viewport window containing the second file to be opened?

Are you opening the file by double clocking it in explorer rather than using File>Open in the existing window.

The Windows version of SketchUp can only open one file at a time, but to open multiple files simultaneously you can open multiple instances of the application.


Ah, ha! Ok…I was using File > Open by the way

On a MAC you have one instance of a particular version of SketchUp running at any one time.
You can open multiple SKP files using a file-browser, or by double-clicking on a SKP’s icon…

On a PC every open SKP file runs its own instance of SketchUp.
So if you open a SKP from a Windows Explorer browser, and then SketchUp opens with that file, then you open another SKP file from that same SketchUp instance, then the currently opened SKP is closed [perhaps with a prompt to save] and that newly selected SKP file becomes the only open SKP.
BUT, if you have a SKP opened in SketchUp, and you use Windows Explorer to find and open another SKP, then that SKP opens in a new version of SketchUp, and the current SKP also stays open…
So you can have multiple SKP files open on a PC, BUT you must run them using Windows Explorer NOT from within SketchUp itself…

Ok, then…now I see, because just a few minutes ago I realized that I had 2 files opened simultaneosly and couldn’t understand how if before I couldn’t.
Many thanks

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