How can you open more than one SketchUp model or file at a time?

There must be a way to have multiple instances of SketchUp open at one time, or multiple windows of the same instances. I see tutorial videos where people have more than one SketchUp window open, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Whenever I try to open a second file it always makes me close the one that is currently open. I am running SketchUp Pro 2021 in Windows… If I try to open a .skp file directly from Windows Explorer it only gives me SketchUp 2017 as program options. There must be a simple solution to this that I am not seeing. Thanks for any help/

Open a second session of SketchUp. I sometimes have three or four sessions going at once time.

Did you install SketchUp 2021 y right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing run as adminstrator? If not, close SketchUp and do that. If prompted with choices like Uninstall and Repair, choose Repair.

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As @DaveR says… open SketchUp from its exe in its Program-Files subfolder - you should have a shortcut on your Desktop - have you deleted it ? - it can be remade…

Then in Windows you will have new instances of SketchUp running in parallel… each with a different model open…

On a MAC it is somewhat different - there’s only ever one instance of SketchUp running at any time, but that can have several models open at once…

Thanks for the replies. When I click on the SketchUp exe it simply takes me to the session that is already open. But by playing around with it now I discovered that if I right-click on the exe then I can choose “Open new Window” and that works.

Dave, I don’t remember how I ran the installation but I will try running the Repair.

If you double click on the desktop icon (not the icon in the taskbar) it should open a new session.

Good idea to repair if you don’t remember doing it.