Opening component in new screen closes original file


How do I stop sketchup pro 2018 from closing the original file when I copy a component into a new window? Works on Mac but not on windows10


What are your steps for doing this? Are you copying the component, going to File and selecting New? Instead, open a second session of SketchUp and paste into it instead of starting a new file in the existing session.

Mac and Windows handle multiple sessions of SketchUp differently. On the PC, you have to open a second session from the desktop icon or from the Window menu.


I was using the ctrl c,ctrl n,ctrl v


Ctrl-N – Same as using File>New.

Try it the way I described above.


Mac runs multiple instances within one window while Win runs separate instances in separate windows.
Some people like one version, others like the other version.
Personally I like the win version as they are all running separately on different cores, so if one crashes or is busy the others still work.


Thanks. That seems to work. Adds a few steps but gets it done. Thanks


I prefer the Mac version as it allows me ability to use the short cut keys smoothly. Just the way I learned.
Thanks for the help.



It’s just one of the differences between Windows and Macs. I usually just open two sessions of SketchUp when I get started for the day. Sometimes I’ll have three or four open. As Box says, it’s preferable in some ways. Like him, I like that I can have multiple sessions open. It’s safer that way and since each session runs on a different core, better.


I like the idea using multiple cores.


With a simple command-line technique you can cause the Mac to open multiple, independent copies of the same app, achieving the same benefits such as multi-core that @DaveR and @Box mention for Windows. This does have potential to cause confusion though, as each copy can still open multiple models. You can get a mess of on-screen windows with no clear indication of which belongs to which copy of SketchUp!

open -n /Applications/SketchUp\ 2018/


I imagine one could write a .bat file that, when run, would open two or more sessions of SketchUp.