Change default application back to Sketchup 2022

Hi all

I’ve held out on using Sketchup 2023 as I’m quite happy with 2022 but decided to bite the bullet and download the latest 2023 release yesterday to run in the background.

My intention is/was to keep using 22 as my main application but dip into 23 and get familiar with any changes before switching over permanently.

Since installing 23, all my existing files default to 23 when I double click to open via the windows folder.

I’ve tried the usual “right click and open with” but I just get two “Sketchup Application” options - neither of which specifies a version number.
I click on one, it opens in 2023.
I click on the other and I get the 2022 welcome screen only. The file itself doesn’t open.

I’ve tried using the “choose another app” and browsing to C/Program Files/Sketchup/Sketchup 2022 and choosing the Sketchup application here but again I just get the Welcome to Sketchup (2022) screen.

I realise I can just open Sketchup 2022 and browse to which ever folder the file is in but this isn’t my usual workflow. I work on various contracts in different folders and always work via the window and not the door (app), if you get my meaning.

Am I missing something?

What worked for me with another program, rename the folder of the version you do not want to use as a default. The system may prompt it can not find the program and ask you to select the desired version manually. Not sure if this also works with Sketchup tho, so i am not sure if i would recommend this workaround o.0

May change my reply as soon as i am home again where i have mulitple sketchup versions installed…


I gave it a go and it partially worked. It got rid of one of the Sketchup Applications when trying “open with…” but that’s all it did.

Double-clicking on the .skp file I’d like to work on still only brings up the Sketchup 2022 Welcome Screen and doesn’t actually open the model.

It’s no big deal to open the model the correct way - by starting Sketchup and browsing to the folder. It’s just a few extra clicks of the mouse, not the end of the world.

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It is the installers that set the default application for the skp and skb file types. So, if you can rerun the 2022 SketchUp installer and choose the Repair option, the default may be reset to use SketchUp 2022.

Hope i will remember this next time, thanks!

Thanks Dan, you nailed it :+1:

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