Weird Scale on Windows Computer vs. Mac using the same file

While helping my student with her file we came across a strange issue.
She is working with the new 2024 version on a Windows computer and I use a Mac Computer.

We opened the same file without doing any further adjustments/settings.
My scale shows me the correct measurements of the importet floorplan on a mac, while her SketchUPs
scale is completely off and she has absolutely different scales…

Is this a SketchUP 2024 Bug using a Windows Computer?
Any one experience the same issue?

wait, I’m lost.

you posted that in Layout.

But on the screenshots, you’re in sketchup. the plan you’re showing, it’s an image that was imported and scaled to be drawn upon, right ? :smiley:

If so, well… I’ve seen that before in class, and it usually means “user manipulation” :sweat_smile:
most frequent reason is that they scale the image properly, then draw something, make a mistake and ctrl-z a few times, one too many. and because of that the scaling is reverted.

But yeah, if you have a file to share so we can check ?

(I’ll move this to Pro for now, and move it back to layout if needed)