Weird push pull behavior

I have caught on camera the weird behavior where I try to push/pull something, and a totally different face has been selected.

(I would love to be able to push/pull a face that’s facing away from me as easily as this, except this is the one time I was not trying to do that)

Upload your .skp file for us to check. What color are your back faces, the same as the front? Is it possible that there is no face where you are trying to select? That in fact you are selecting and moving the far face from behind through a hole in the geometry?



looked at your file, can’t find the component in question that looks like your video. The door edges here have no groove in them? Can you isolate or give a hind or resave only that component that exhibits the behavior.

Oh right, I forgot that I changed that detail; I removed that groove.

That’s a bummer.

Also I want to point out that in the video you can see that the center of the groove does not get highlighted when I hover the mouse over it with the push/pull tool selected.

can you recreate the problem by drawing a similar thing in a new file?

It doesn’t look like that because you can’t see the back corner’s edge moving in the hole like you can see in your example.

I cannot. Every time I have tried to recreate this intentionally, I can’t do it. This happens periodically to me, and I can’t figure out why or how, and if I close and re-open the file, or push/pull something else, it goes away.

Whenever I hover over a face tha is not highlighted, I swith to select and click on the face that I want to push/pull. Then, the push/pull tool always works. Sometimes I think it is because of the tiny face issue.

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