Weird Problem with DWG

Hello all, i recently encounter a weird prob while importing a DWG in Sketchup.
If you look into the screenshot i joined, in ACAD the circle and line a ok but when i import the same DWG in SKP some line start to wiggle mainly the circles/ arcs.
Weirdest part is it start to wiggle while i orbit.

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

Import or move the dwg near the origin (0,0,0).

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We experience something like that if we have geometry too far away from the origin even if the main geometry is on it. Mainly on uncleaned DWG files where survey marks are far from the origin or while using “rays” in Acad.

If you already moved the geometry to the origin and still have issues, you might need to clean it a bit before importing.

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Do you now that you can change your style so it looks as you are inside AutoCAD. Just change the ground color to black and then change the line color too “by materials”.