Imported dwg curves not correct

Hi, when I import a DWG some curves are not correct. I’ve exploded the polylines in autocad and imported them separately. Here are two images, one from sketchup and one from autocad. It’s the turquoise line.

Can you post a DWG and SKP that gives you this problem? Are you viewing lines in 3D space in perspective in SketchUp and in parallel in AutoCad? Which one of the images is from SketchUp? Are the curves splines? Are you importing the DWG very far from the SketchUp model origin? SketchUp cannot cope with actual coordinate values used in maps where your site usually lies thousands of kilometers from the origin.

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dwg.dwg (1.2 MB) sketchup.skp (3.4 MB)

Thanks for answering. Parallel camera. The curve was a spline that was converted to a polyline and then exploded. The “preserve model origin” was unboxed. The top image " import sketchup" i sfrom sketchup and the “DWG in autocad” is from Autocad

This is what I got by just importing your DWG.sketchup2.skp (1.4 MB)

sorry, cant open, I have Su 18

Here as 2018. The new file format is more compressed so the size increased more than twofold.
sketchup2.skp (3.4 MB)

ok, wow, same here, it works with the dwg I uploaded. But when I try again with the origianal DWG (that I just saved a copy of) the lines are wrong again.

I’ve tried with several imports now, and it looks correct when I save the DWG as ‘save as’. But if I just explode the curves and Save it, it looks incorrect (as they have not been exploded) I add lines in the model to make sure the save occurs.

Anyway it looks good now, Thank you Anssi for helping me. And i’m going to update to 2021 now