Importing DWG file into SU Pro 2020 Linework Error

Anyone elase having issues with SU Pro 2020 importing cad DWGs?

When I bring the drawing in to SU some lines aren’t in the correct location. I have checked that the original DWG is flat (not 3d) and have even redrawn portions to confirm. Still get same mismatch.
The lines are curved poly lines in some cases.
See attached. (apologies for the multiple replies - Apparently as a new user I can only post one image as a time. Ridiculous rule)

2020-05-12 13_48_29-Window

2020-05-12 13_49_59-Untitled - SketchUp Pro 2020

I think I’ve figured it out…
The arcs in the polylines have a very large radius. SketchUp is taking all arcs in polylines and turning them into segments. Because the radius on this arc is lo large it’s just turning it into a single line.

I’ve never had this happen before so it must be a new “feature.” Too bad.

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Yes it seems you figured it. SketchUp will import arcs as segments as you say. There isn’t any control on the segmentation on importing. So sometimes it would appear that some geometry has moved when in actual fact the arc has just been made into larger segments than desired. One thing you can do is use Entity Info to increase the segmentation to represent the original arc more accurately.

That’s how I figured it out. I went back to the original dwg and recreated the poly line arc as just an arc. When I imported I noticed it had segments in the properties. The original polyline arc did not… just a length. I was able to change the segments on the arc line and get a more accurate curve.

It appears to be radius dependent because many of the other polyline arcs with smaller radii come in looking fine. They’re still multiple segments but appear appropriately curved.

The take away - if you have very large radius arc in a DWG don’t create them as polylines. Use individual arc segments.


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