Weird display issues: zebra stripes, triangles around edges

Help please! I’ve been working on my first model, and as I was creating a new window component, the whole model abruptly went haywire. Weird zebra stripes on the walls, little triangles around the edges, geometry randomly appearing and disappearing all over the place. I tried deleting the component I was working on, and undoing what I had done, but nothing fixes it. Any ideas?

I have a Sketchup Shop account, so I’m using the web version of Sketchup 2020 on my PC, running Windows 10, with Intel HD Graphics 620. I ran checkup, and it said my system meets all the requirements to run Sketchup 2019.

existing with ramp - color.skp (4.5 MB)

You’re seeing Z-fighting due to the huge distance from camera to model. Switch the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents.

Generally it’s better to do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective anyway.

You really should get in the habit of maintaining correct face orientation. The vase majority of the faces are reversed in your model.

You should also learn about using groups and components.

Thanks, Dave! How do I “Switch the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents”? I see a Perspective option under “Views,” but when I click that I don’t see any model at all. I don’t see “Zoom Extents” anywhere.

That’s the Perspective setting. You don’t see the model because you’ve placed the camera so far away. Zoom Extents is found in the left toolbar at the bottom.

Awesome, got it. You’re a lifesaver – thanks a million!

I’ll work on those other issues you mention. I’m pretty oblivious to face orientation – It’s not even mentioned in the Fundamentals course, which is what I’ve been relying on. I’ll do some googling & training on it. One question – Is that a problem I should be able to fix in my existing model, or will I need to start over from scratch?

You can fix this in your existing model. Look for any blue faces showing on the outside of your model. R-click on them and select Reverse faces. Or , since most are reversed, either Select All then R-click and choose Reverse Faces and fix the few that got changed to reverse them back again, or select a white (outer) face then R-click and choose Orient faces.

But as already suggested, group the geometry into components to avoid it getting tangled.

Great, thanks, John! I’m reversing the faces now, and I’ll do some grouping right after that.

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