Weird blue square when adjusting texture position on Sketchup 2024

Hi, I just installed Sketchup 2024 to replace my 2023. When I adjust a texture position, there are weird blue squares that suddenly appear on the four pins (red, blue, green, yellow pins). It never happens in my previous Sketchup.

Any idea what happen?


Can you share the model so we can try it on other machines?

Try updating the graphics drivers and then a cold reboot of the computer.

I also have this on my computer

This is what I see using the new graphics engine and my Nvidia GTX 970.

My graphic card is Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000. I opened the model in another pc at work at it’s totally normal without that blue square.

So that would implicate a hardware or driver issue. Go to the Nvidia site and update the graphics drivers.

this is quite weird. So apparently it’s file related. I opened other skp file and can’t see that blue square. but when I opened the same file in other pc it didn’t appear as well.

I wonder if you are using a Windows screen magnification factor larger than 150%

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same issue here. has nothing to do with windows screen factor which is set to 100%


i’m pretty sure it is related to the handle icons which already had issues before (not showing properly in previous versions)

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Having the same issue. Only when I grab the pins. Have the latest Nvidia driver installed.

Does the previous version still work with the new graphics engine?

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!