Strange Behaviour

Hello everyone, I’m encountering an issue in SketchUp, and I’m not sure if it’s a software problem or something on my end. Occasionally, when I use the pen or protractor tool, I notice these squares that seem to follow my cursor, making it challenging to determine where I’m directing the tool. Could this issue be related to the file size, causing these squares to appear?

Typically when we’ve seen that in the past it’s been due to the graphics card not being able to handle the model. Try editing the style to Hidden Line and with Profiles and Edges turned off. Do you still get the same thing? If so, share the SketchUp file so we can see if there’s something that could be done to improve the performance.

Softening the edges in those large brown objects would probably help, too.

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Also check the settings in Preferences>OpenGL, and if “Use fast feedback” is checked, uncheck it, and restart SketchUp.