Display issues

I have a 4K display, when I open SketchUp and select say a wall texture, the list of options start to go blue as I move the cursor over the fonts plus the fonts all overlap.
Any help please

You could try changing the scale in settings to see if it helps. 125% ?

Thanks for the reply.
My recommended scale is 250%, i tried various scales from the suggested 125% up to 350% but the blue highlighting and text overlapping still happens. I wish I could snip an image in to this reply to show whats happening



Are the graphics drivers up to date? That’s all I can think of. Has it always done this?

Another recent post with a possible resolution -
4K issues link

Did you shut down and restart SketchUp between making changes to your screen resolution?

Might want to read: https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/sketchup-hardware-and-software-requirements. Especially High DPI Support.