WebGL error - edu.sketchup.com/app on Chromebook Asus CX5

Teacher has a CX5 on OS 112.0.5615.134 - he can no longer use Sketchup for Edu

Some things I have tried - Cleared cookies and extensions. Deleted his account and added back. Hard reset on device. Updated OS

When opening a file from his drive it gives the message “Sorry, We encountered a problem with your web browser’s WebGL support”.

When trying to open a file from within Sketchup he gets the error “Sorry, it looks like we’re having some internal issues. Our team has been notified”.

I lent him a different chromebook - HP X360 (which is on the same OS) and things work fine. He is able to open files from within Sketchup or from his drive.

I have had another teacher try it (using Asus CX5) as he uses the same site - he is getting the same messages.

Using a different CX5 to troubleshoot and it was on a lower OS (93.0.4577.85) and worked fine - updated to 105.0.5195.134 and it worked as well - updated to 111.05563.18 and it stopped working.

Checked in chrome://flags for WebGL settings - they are the same on both devices.

Tried with my account (admin account) with the same result - works on the X360 but not CX5

Students are using different devices and have not had a problem. Logged a student into a CX5 and same error messages and results.

I’m having the same problems with an Acer Spin 714 Chromebook that was new 2 years ago. It has been a great machine for running SU until a few months ago, around the same Chrome OS updates that you mentioned (around 110 or 111). Seeing other posts about Linux and Intel Iris Xe issues with SketchUp for web, I thought I would wait until Chrome OS 113 variants came out to see if those fixed my issues, but they have not. I think it’s related to the Iris graphics, but I’m not smart enough to dig into the details. For now, SU for web is dead on my chromebook. I also have a 4-yr-old Chromebox running an older version of Iris Xe, and it’s working fine on that one, albeit a bit slower.

I’m thrilled to report that patience paid off. Chrome version 114.0.5735.119 on my Acer Spin 714 has fixed the problem. I am now able to run SU for web again.

Confirmed resolved with the Chrome version 114.0.5735.119 on the Asus CX5400

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