Unable to load web on chromebook

I have an Asus chromebook flip cx5 with an i5 orocessor and iris x, 8gb ram 256ssd etc.
But i just cannot get web to load on chrome either in the browser or the docked app. It will show the opening animated logo, then will load a black screen which will then go to white and show the tools and bottom message bar and you csn access menu and save models etc but it just will not display the model although it is building one. Very occasionally it will show and x,y,z axis but but ona white background not grey, jut again still not doing anything. I read about hardware acceleration so ive disabled that, and cleared all cache and history etc. Ive ive installed firefox and it works on there, but i’d prefer to use chrome.
Chrome os version 113.0.5672.134 64bit

Any help appreciated.

Having basically the same problem, albeit slightly different hardware. If I leave the machine alone long enough after trying to open a new file, it comes back to the “home” screen of previous files, then goes back to black, then back to home, then back to black, and so on…

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