SketchUp for Web on Chromebook not started after 20 minutes Has been trying to start on my chromebook for over 20 minutes. I do not think it will ever start. Can anyone suggest a solution?

It helps if you list your Chromium version along with the problem report.

Chrome version is 79.0 3945.123

It loaded very fast for me in Chrome browser (under Win10) v 79.0.3945.117.

I’m on a chromebook as previously stated. That means I can’t have Windows 10. I have Chrome OS. Are you saying that you don’t support chrome OS? People have been assuming that you do. If you don’t, you need to clearly state that.

There was nothing of the sort implied in Dan’s reply.

This has been rather frustrating. I need to know if my school can teach Sketchup on chromebooks or if we have to seek another option.

I’m sorry if I’m upsetting anyone.

I understand the frustration. The whole point of SketchUp for Web is that it runs in the Internet browser so the operating system isn’t really important. Running on Chromebooks was a key design consideration. The fact that it isn’t opening for you would seem to indicate there’s something blocking it. Check with your school’s IT department. Or take a Chromebook outside of the school’s network and see if you get a different result.

You could contact the SketchUp for Schools folks to make sure your school’s domain is whitelisted and you could could make sure that the requirements are met. See:

We’ve already been whitelisted. In fact, when I use a real computer, I get in just fine. The chromebook, coming through the same WiFi AP fails. I am a large part of my school’s IT Department.

I will try it outside the school this evening. But the fact that it isn’t getting through on the chromebook and is on a full up laptop worries me.

If it’s of any help, I can at least verify that I’ve had great success using two different chromebooks running Sketchup for Web (an 4-year old Asus 4GB/16GB SSD and a 1-year old Acer 4GB/32GB SSD). Absolutely no issues although startup takes longer than the iMac I normally work on (which is to be expected).