Sketchup Web not working on Chrome

Hello, others who use SketchUp. I’ve been using SketchUp Web on Chrome for a few years now and just about a month ago when I tried to open it up, it just wouldn’t stop loading. I’ve tried almost every day since then to troubleshoot or retry or reinstall chrome, but nothing I’ve done so far and nothing else on the web has helped me. WebGL is running properly, so that’s not an issue, and I’ve tried updating my GPU drivers as well but Nvidia is really frustrating when it comes to that so no luck. Please let me know if I’m missing something obvious or is there’s something I can do to fix this problem. Thanks.

Clear the Chrome Cache, check that nothing is blocking your access to the web or the site specifically. Firewall, antivirus etc

Cleared my cache, my firewall isn’t blocking it. Still not working.

Where on the planet are you? I just opened it here in Chrome and it took 4 seconds.

Northwestern US.

Mines not as fast as Dave about 20 seconds here in Aus.
Have you kept up to date with Chrome, my current one is
Google Chrome is up to date
Version 88.0.4324.190

I’m using the same version of Chrome as Box is.

Have you recently done a cold reboot of your computer?

I updated chrome before posting the original question and I have restarted my pc as well. Still no luck.

Does it work with FF or Edge?

It works on edge, while a bit slow in comparison to using it in chrome before, but I dislike using it on Edge because I can’t use any shortcuts. Really, I just want to know why now it isn’t working in Chrome when it did before. What changed?

Since it works on Chrome for us it isn’t likely to be a problem with Chrome. More likely to be something related to your computer.

Do you remember if there was a Windows update at the time it stopped working?

The newer version of Edge is based on Chromium, and I believe that any SketchUp app feature that works in Chrome should work in Edge.

For me, Edge and Chrome load the app in the same amount of time. Safari is a bit faster than both, and in the current version of the web app the shortcuts also work.

How would I find out what the problem is?

I remember updates around the time, but i don’t remember if SketchUp stopped working immediately after one or related to one.

I dislike using it on Edge because I can’t use any shortcuts, but I also just want to keep using SketchUp on Chrome because that’s what i usually do and there would be no other reason for this change. I want to fix the problem, not ignore it.

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The main point of trying any other browser is to help work out if there’s a network issue or a browser issue. If it fails in Edge or Firefox, something is wrong with your network, and you ca return to Chome to do any other tests.

One thing to try is to open the developer tools in Chrome. While the page is failing to load, type Ctrl-Shift-i. That will bring up the JavaScript Console, and you can look for a red X symbol and number. If that appears, click on it, and see what error messages are appearing.

This looks… not good
Edit: these were the only two bits with red and Xs

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Here’s the whole console page:

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Does anybody know how to fix whatever this is?