Sketchup for Web Not starting in Chrome

I am unable to start Sketchup for Web in Chrome. The pulsating logo appears with no error messages in the browser window. Previously Sketchup Web was fine. Issues started yesterday after a Cache cleanup. WebGL is enabled and I can start Sketchup Web in Edge, however Edge keyboard shortcuts seem to be broken making it unuseable.
Using Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit with Chrome v84.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am facing same issue since yesterday in Desktop Chrome.

Update your graphics card driver first, especially if using an intel HD series model.

An do a “Ctrl+Shift+R” resp. “Ctrl+F5” for fully reloading the page by ignoring the cache. If this doesn’t help, try if a cache cleaner extension can do.

Desktop software rulez :kissing_smiling_eyes:

See Having trouble opening Sketchup for Web thres a bug on opening in 32 bits chrome, maybe it’s yout problem too

Unfortunately can’t update any drivers (work pc - admin locked) & Cntrl + F5 refresh not working. I previously walked through [Having trouble opening Sketchup for Web] without any success - However, I now see the last message identifying a Known bug & solution under development - Perfect. I will wait and in the meantime, continue to struggle using Edge - Thanks ALL!

Is it really a struggle to use Edge?

I guess fortunately as a hobbyist, it shouldn’t be a huge struggle. I expect they will get it fixed pretty soon. Amazing that the developers are working over their weekend to get this sorted out.

I really appreciate the push to get it fixed so quickly. I only mentioned edge was a struggle for the following reasons: Cannot use hot keys (L for line, etc…). And numerical input only works for the tape measure tool. If drawing a line, circle or rectangle etc… I need to drag to the correct co-ordinates OR drag to a predefined tape measure point. I will look through the forum for Edge fixes when I get a minute as Our company IT seems to be using edge more and more.
However, I take your point… It is not something I should complain about, especially as I have been able to continue designing stuff. Allow me to retract that comment… Thanks.

No need to retract it.

Have you made sure you are using the latest version of Edge?

I’m currently on V 44.17763.831.0. Looks like latest version is 45.3.19. Need to upgrade via IT dept. Will give it a shot. Thanks again.

V44 had problems but later versions seem to have fixed them.

In my experience IT departments are the single greatest hindrance to productivity in the workplace.


Haha - I concur. Not really relevant to the topic but will provide an update once Edge is Updated - For Sketchup function.

When I had to deal with computers that were controlled by an IT department, I wasn’t allowed to do personal projects on them so I had to use my own computer for Sketchup stuff.

I don’t think v45 will be later enough. The current version of Edge is something like v85, though there was a big jump in numbers when they changed to using Chromium.

Hi all - Thanks to the developers for fixing Sketchup Web Startup issues with Chrome 32 bit. It is working for me again. I was unable to update Edge (Thanks IT dept.) but from the comments, seems like this is a non-issue if using the latest version of edge.

Cheers for all the help with this issue. - I think we can close the thread…

btw, why using Chrome x32 under Windows 10 x64 with Chrome x64 avail.?

A bit off topic, but relevant to IT issues: in my last job, I was in charge of development and operation of a data analysis and reporting app that was designed to run on a farm of low-cost Intel-based servers. The sort of thing that off-the-shelf costs $2000-3000 each. But the IT department insisted on configuring them and installing lots of their “standard” software that brought the cost up to about $30000 each! The business decided not to fund the project.

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