Sketchup Web Will Not Start With Microsoft Edge

I’ve just attempted to start with Sketchup Free (web) using my Microsoft Edge browser.
I just get a moving Sketchup Logo, and never get beyond that.

When I tried Firefox on the same computer, I get the Logo initially, but then the page continues loading and I have full accessibility.
Is there a setting in Edge that I need to change?

The consensus is that SketchUp works best with Chrome, and that Edge is not a good browser. Check, however, that you have installed all the updates to Edge.

The current version of Edge ought to be as good as Chrome, they both use the same version of Chromium.

Do you have any ad blockers that might be installed in Edge but not in Firefox? Those can cause problems when loading our web pages. If you have such a blocker, make sure that it allows and to work.

Thanks for your help.
I found that SU was working in Edge on my laptop (the problem is on my desktop).

I then noticed a ‘button’ in the Address bar which says ‘Added Security’. Clicking this and de-selecting the option for ‘Enhanced Security for This Site’ did the job!

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