Sketchup for Schools hanging in Chrome 77 (at least what our IT Department is telling me)

We are having a huge problem with SketchUp for Schools which our IT department is blaming on Sketchup and Chrome 77. What is happening is, when we install Sketchup for Schools from the Chrome Web Store on our school chromebooks, we can install the app, we can open and authorize the app, but it hangs at the white start up screen and red logo with a black overlay over the top of the white screen.

Out IT department states that it is a known issue with SketchUp for Schools and Chrome 77, but it was working fine at my other school. Can I have both of our domains whitelisted and and any advice that I could pass on to our IT department would be helpful as I have students who really need to use this software in class!!

Thanks in advance
Christine Shock

If you get past the login, then your school (and domains) probably has access to the SketchUp app.

If the waiting animation continues forever, it could be that:

  • an error happens while loading SketchUp (the IT department could look for “JavaScript errors”). If so, it may be an incompatibility with that version of Chrome. Maybe the issue will be fixed by SketchUp or a newer Chrome OS version.
  • or some web resources fail to load because their location is unreachable or they are blocked by security software, firewalls or cross-domain restrictions. See here:
    Using Sketchup Free through Firewall / Proxy. Never bypasses loading screen

If the waiting animation freezes your computer (does not animate anymore), it could be either a graphics card/driver issue (WebGL support) or not enough computer memory.