Using Sketchup Free through Firewall / Proxy. Never bypasses loading screen

Looking for guidance on what domain(s) or URLS I have to whitelist to allow Trimble Identity to load properly. I’ve already allowed the following:

Domain: sketchup dot com
Domain: trimble dot com
(Ignore the spaces. As a new user I’m only allowed to post two links / urls inside of each post.)

I’m able to access Sketchup, login through trimble and am successfully redirected to Trimble Identity however after the redirect all I get is the pulsing Sketchup icon. I’ve cleared my cache and it works when I bypass the proxy, but I’m not seeing any additional guides/instructions in any forum to get this working through a firewall.

Thanks in advance!

SketchUp for Web runs in a web browser. If the browser is not blocked by the firewall, SketchUp for Web should also not be.

If you completely block URLs so that the web browser cannot navigate at arbitrary locations, then you have to whitelist a couple of URLs for SketchUp for Web.

When you open the browser’s developer tools (ctrlshifti) you see in the network tab all URLs that SketchUp attempts to connect to. Although some may be non-essential (and are usually blocked by ad-blockers), you would be on the safe side by allowing all.

Hello Aerilius,

I wanted to clarify my post a bit. The machine I’m working on is setup for student use in a school and a web filter is in place to block everything by default. We’re then whitelisting domains / url patterns based on what the student’s are allowed to access.

I followed your tip, however when i hover over each object the only domain that shows up is which is already whitelisted. On the machine in question I’m still able to login to Trimble and upon redirect I receive the pulsing sketchup logo. If I open the dev tools while the pulsing logo is present the only object is sketchup.css which is pulled from

Any other ideas?



I don’t know the internals of SketchUp Free and what domains it needs or what could be the reason if it still fails to load from There we need to ask the SketchUp for Web team (@bugra ?).

There are several * subdomains that would also need to be whitelisted. Like @Aerilius said, you can see which network call is being blocked in your browser’s developer tools window.

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