I can't login to myaccount.trimble.com on second computer

I have been running sketchup pro with one license on multiple computers for years under many flavors of windows. Currently running Windows 10.
I have downloaded and installed Sketchup Pro 2021 on my laptop and my desktop machines.
My laptop version works as expected.
When I try to sign in from Sketchup on my desktop, I am presented with a Trimble Identity page for Sketchup that has no input fields for user name or password.
If I point my browser to myaccount.trimble.com, I get an identity page for Trimble with no place to sign in.
I have installed, reinstalled, rebooted, cleared cookies, etc. to no avail.
I have done the right-click run as administrator routine which in my situation is redundant since I am logged into the computer as an administrator.
My windows is updated as of an hour ago and my Firefox browser updated late last night.
Any/All help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

This has been reported a few times. Here’s one example:

The log in page recently changed from being identity.trimble.com to be id.trimble.com. Some people solved the problem by making sure the system allowed id.trimble.com and accounts.sketchup.com

Can you check to see if either of those are being blocked?

I whitelisted id.trimble.com in Ad Lock.
All is well.

Thanks for the update.