WebGL and Slow movements on a Laptop

Chrome has special built-in diagnostic pages that use a "chrome://" protocol.

To see a list of links to these special pages, use the URL: chrome://about

The special page you are interested in is: chrome://gpu

Please do not post that entire page to this thread. Instead save it to your local drive as an HTML file, and then right-click and send to a zip compressed folder. Drag the zip file into a forum post edit form.

If the browser is using the wrong gpu, then use the Nvidia Control Panel to choose the GPU for Chrome.
(right click desktop it should be on the context menu if installed.)

It’s also a good idea to set your Nvidia GPU as the preferred one for all applications. It has it’s own memory whereas the integrated Intel GPU will use system memory.

Also be aware (search this forum Technical Problems categories) that Windows 10 updates are causing issues with selection slowdown.

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