Sketchup in a browser - CHROME

Keep getting this “Sorry - We encountered a problem with your web browser’s WebGL support” with google chrome

Are you trying Which build of Chrome are you using?

@dgriessmann1, it matters what your graphics specs are.

Regarding your “I have no idea” in your profile:

NVIDIA Quadro M2000M is my display adapter.

Also I have zero issues using any Autodesk 360 product with the browser. Including Fusion 360.

not the fastest… but ensure first, that the latest driver revision 369.49 WHQL (10.10.16) is installed.

doesn’t help much here because Adesk products typically use MS Direct3D instead of OpenGL (as the rest of the CAx world… besides Alibre) for outputing 3D content to the display.

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Ok but if you also have an GPU with integrated graphics, make sure to set Chrome to use the Nvidia GPU in the Nvidia Control Panel.