Web App - ipad : dimensional box broken

I am trying out the web app on my ipad (apple pencil). There is no way to change the dimensions of an object as the dimensions box isn’t clickable. After almost two hours of watching videos and playing with the web app i am about to give up :frowning:

Just to be crystal clear:

  1. Are you using the web app: https://app.sketchup.com/ in Safary? (Or what other web browser?)
  2. Are you using Sketchup for iPad, downloaded from Apple App store?

The web app in safari

I did watch those video. If that box isn’t clickable then that means the software can’t change the dimensions of a box? That sounds absurd, it can’t be correct

Just to make sure that I understand- the web app doesn’t work with a pencil? And in fact doesn’t work without a mouse? (Which means that most people can’t use the web app?)

…can be a touchpad on the keyboard or external.
Then also work with your finger(s) on a screen.

is NOT equal to


I wonder what you think most people are using to access the Internet. I don’t think iPads are as common as you think.

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I have to say that this thread has been very frustrating, i was very clear that i was accessing the software through an Ipad, yet people seem to act as though I wasn’t. The description of the software does not in any way say that an ipencil is insufficient to operate (despite other softwares running on just the ipad/pencil) or even ask me to hook up a keyboard or mouse.

All i wanted to do was figure out how to use the program as it was presented.

The web app designed for desktop use, not for any kind of tablets, not for touch screen.
This is a known limitation.
The Sketchup developers are aware of it. That is the reason they developed the Sketchup for iPad.
You can have it.

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