I cannot change any dimension value with my.sketchup on iPad


I like what you guys are doing. It’s really good to know that soon you’ll give a us the ability to design anything anywhere with a simple iPad. Please go on!

Am I the one who cannot change any dimension after having created any line/rectangle and so on?

I mean if I want to create a new rectangle with following dimensions 20mm, 10mm, then I put the finger on the screen, slide to the second corner of the rectangle. A new rectangle appears. I put the finger in dimensions area but nothing happens. No keyboard’s available to write then change its dimensions.
I’m using my.sketchup with either Firefox/chrome/safari browsers on iPad Air 2 128gb running iOS 9.3.2.
Please consider this issue.


Unfortunately, my.SketchUp does not yet support iOS.
Per John Bacus:


… and someone has already requested / suggested a popup numpad for use with the Measurements box.


It’s been 2 years - any word on this feature?


The policy is that they never publicly announce future plans.
So you’ll never know until the feature is actually released.