We need your input about our Live Streams!

What are Live Streams? Am I missing something?

If you look at the SketchUp YouTube channel you will see lots of recordings of the live modeling sessions. Usually they are every Friday, but for the last few weeks there have been extra ones on Monday and Wednesday. The Monday one has been a Q&A type, where you can ask Aaron to show something in particular, say an extension or a technique. Wednesday has been about modeling machine parts, and is meant to be a follow along thing, where you would try to keep up with Aaron. Friday is where Aaron takes on a bigger modeling challenge.

The sessions start at 12pm our time, and end around 2-3pm. That would be a 6am start for you, the next day. Tomorrow’s Friday session would be 6-9am Saturday for you.

I’m away on the weekends so everything but Fridays work for me.

Being selfish here, I don’t get to see these things live because the timing doesn’t work for me, being in a different time zone. But I do occasionally watch them later. The problem then is devoting the time. This is probably asking for the earth but I would very much like to see edited highlights as I am sure there will be some nuggets buried in there that many people would find very useful. Sometimes it would just be a question of fast forwarding certain trial and error sequences.

I realize that this suggestion means post editing and Aaron is probably already suffering RSI as a result of the many sessions. I have voted for a single weekly session to give him time to do the editing instead!


I voted for Friday! After a long week, it´s a pleasure to watch Aaron modeling some awesome stuff.
@TheOnlyAaron : In which exact time zone are you guys? I often came across the live stream at friday-evenings (l´m living in germany). But I don´t know the exact time when you´re starting the stream.

They are Mountain Time Zone (GMT-6)

If you see the intro post Aaron makes about upcoming streams, the forum has code that will translate and display it in the users time zone. For Example, I’m in Eastern Time Zone (GMT-4) and it displays for me as 2:00 today, and not 12:00, which is the time they will start in their time zone.


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Hallo Peter, der Livestream startet immer parallel mit der Tagesschau :wink:

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Sometimes it even looks like “die Tagesschau”, presented by @TheOnlyAaron, :sweat_smile:
@Peter_B, the time you see should be your time the show starts.


Thanks a lot guys! Now I know, that “8:00 PM” means 20:00 :sweat_smile:


I think these events are fantastic and extremely valuable. I appreciate the resources involved however. I haven’t indicated a preference for the events since I always watch them after the live event. I’m happy with one event per week or two - depending on your resources. Thank you for the good work.

I had a thought… Normally I get to see Aaron and Jody every day, we work in the same room, but these days that isn’t happening. So, getting to hang out with them three times a week is nice. Jody not being on camera is a bonus. But I digress…

In an olden days type Friday session Aaron would get side tracked into showing a technique to answer a live question, and the Monday Q&A is like an extended version of that. We had talked about an occasional Friday session where people would model along, and the Wednesday session is that same idea.

If we end up back with just the Friday one, could we have a couple of new aspects to it? Specifically:

  1. @ Jody or @ Aaron (or whatever tags are available) would be a question to ask Aaron right away, that is a question about what he is doing at that time. @ SketchUp could be a general question that need not relate to the featured model. One or two volunteers would answer the SketchUp questions, and if it is of general interest the volunteer could add their own @ Aaron question.
  2. If practical to do so, Aaron could isolate part of the big model of the day, so people could model along with him. Not the whole session, may only 15-20 minutes of it.
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I am surprised there is no option for once in two weeks or my next best alternative is once a month. My exception to my suggested timetable is the topic specific live streams like the Machine Part Series. I would be happy to digest one of these once a week at the most.

My reasoning for my suggestion is that the live series has reached a level where there is a lot of juicy content to get trough from previous older videos. Churning out more frequent videos sort of diminishes the value of previous videos and removes the “excitement of the wait” for the next video in my opinion.

I think an occasional live stream “throwback” would be a good idea go back to a previous video and suggest an alternative way to make the same design.

Many Thanks Team! I am HAR (Happy All Round) with the live streams whatever direction you choose. Special thanks to TheOnlyAaron for his nerves of steel during the live streams.

Alright! Thank you all for your input! We will plan on going back to once/week for the time being. Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll and those who took part in any of our livestreams! You are all awesome!!


I am looking at the number of questions we see on the forum about the Sketchup Free interface. There are very limited learning resources that feature the Free UI and the official Campus does not teach in that UI. I am wondering if there is not a need for more basic live modeling sessions taught in SketchUp Free.

Basic Mondays hosted in SketchUp Free.

Advanced Fridays hosted in SketchUp Pro.


Couldn’t agree more, time to show how to use the free version properly.

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Right? It’s intended as the accessible modeler for the masses, but there is basically nothing teaching the masses how to use it. It’s a real need if Free is to gain traction.

Ooh! I think I like this idea!! Thanks!!

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Is there a live model along today?