Finish this House Live!

We are going to create an entry for the Finish This House Challenge together on today’s live stream! Please come ready to help make design decisions and create something our whole community can be excited about!


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Let’s get this thing rolling early! Vote on the style we should use to model the house!

Aaron is like the Bob Ross of SketchUp.

On a Friday afternoon as I start to wind down for the weekend there is certainly something very relaxing (almost zen like) about tuning into another live modeling SketchUp session with Aaron, and watching him take a mere concept or idea to a full 3D model.

Thank-you, Aaron for all the work you do.

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Hear, hear- very well said.
Maybe a Bob Ross/ Norm Abram hybrid…

This is an image of Warwick Castle in England (pr. warrik)

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Notre Dame Entry:

Maybe not for this model.

Small castle door.

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Or this

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116861297 Arrow slit.

Also this image

A castle set we built for Netflix last year



Can you say what show you built it for?

drawbridge idea?

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The castle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, my home city.


It’s a show called ‘Cursed’. It’s a retelling of the Arthurian legend. I think it’s going to be great.
It’ll be on Netflix next month

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Will have to watch for it

I thought to try Twinmotion and here what I’ve ended up with. It was fun but the result could be better if I’d spend more time.