A Hauntingly Good Sketchup Live

Welcome foolish mortals! This week Eric will be modeling the Stretching Room from Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Come have a goulishly good time as he recreated a classic.

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And I’m teaching myself Fredo Animator as we speak so that the room can actually stretch when we’re done!

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I understund that only you and Eric are wise and unmortal?


I will live forever as scale figure on the 3DW :wink:

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Of course in the SU SEE version (special Eric Edition)

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Going LIVE in 15 mins. See you all then - 12 MTN, 11 PST

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Could this be useful?


Thanks everyone who attended yesterday. Below is a recording of the animation that I didn’t get finished in the Live Stream:

And the model if anyone wants to try to animate it or use it themselves. Cheers!

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