Modeling the Haunted Mansion with Aaron, Live!

This week we will be tackling a classic Disney attraction with the Haunted Mansion!

Stop on by YouTube to check it out 2021-08-13T18:00:00Z

It’s over on the SketchUp YouTube Channel


Time? Date?

So… I am planning to try to do most of the input from original plans… I have found decent images of the South and East sides… Let me know if any of you find a North or West image!

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fdocuments.in_blueprint-of-disneylands-haunted-mansion.pdf (1.6 MB)

Sorry guys… hit a handful of technical issues all at once… Hoping to get it all ironed out and we can try this again soon! Stay tuned for updates!

Why is the video saying private on the YouTube channel?? It wont let me view it

It’s a 30 minute of us trying to get things to work then giving up. Move along… nothing to see here…

Oh no my SketchUp fix :grimacing: ill go back and rewatch one from a while ago. :+1:t2:

Must have been a ghost in the machine.


Seriously, it seems like an odd coincidence, but last night before I was closing up for the night, the older machine on Sierra had the fan running up high, which is often an indication of running a Time Machine backup, but it wasn’t doing that. Activity Monitor said it was a kernel_task of more than 100% of CPU. In time, I managed to quit most everything, reboot, and eventually everything got back to normal, but what the heck is that! Anybody know?

I THINK the issue I had was due to Adobe trying to update while in the middle of an OS update (update was downloaded, but not installed). I forced everything to shut down and after a cold boot, it installed an update. After 30 minutes or so, everything seemed to be running fine, again. Hoping that that will still be the case NEXT Friday when we try this again!

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So just to confirm it’s a technical issue and no footage was transmitted or uploaded. Thought it was not enough water in my whisky - 7pm start time in the UK.

About 40 minutes was broadcasted live, but not surprisingly there isn’t a replay option. I think it’s a good opportunity to make a bootlegged version, for those times when you think you’re the only person having bad computer issues. Mind you, at the time you might need to watch the video your computer may not be in a state to play it.


The direct YouTube link to this Friday’s stream is here.
Hope to see ya there!

Try this image to help?

That seems to be taken with a Shift lens or a view camera. Probably unsuitable for PhotoMatch.

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I missed the live show but thought it was worth adding this while I was re-watching it!