We need a lasso selection tool

I regularly find myself needing to select things which are non orthogonal, and highly irregular. The only way to accomplish this in Sketchup is to make many small rectangular additive selections, or to carefully orient the view to approximate the plane of a desired selection set.

Other modeling programs offer more than just box selection. Is there a talented programmer out there who could help the community out and create a lasso selection tool?


Did you search Extension Warehouse? Does anyone else know an extension that has a lasso selection?

Intensive use of grouping also helps to avoid selecting unwanted entities. Often it is also enough to select some entities and then “all connected” (and then maybe use boolean selection operations). I understand that lasso selection is useful if you want to select many entities that are not connected or only a subset of many connected entities.

Try Vertex tools by Thomthom or Select by Polygon by S.D. Mitch

I don’t know of a lasso tool, they seem more appropriate for 2D than 3D…

@thomthom’s Selection Toys was the one I thought of…


Selection Toys doesn’t have a lasso selection.

But as Box mentions, Vertex Tools has:

Particular useful for selection of organic shapes.

An example - I create detailed residential models, in some cases showing individual 3D cedar shakes on walls. Where shakes populate a rake face, they trim to the edge of the roof slope. This creates innumerable shards of shake material that has to be carefully trimmed so as not to protrude above the roof slope, which is never orthogonal.

Another example - I build a detailed stone wall and then cut it to suit certain design constraints, which could easily be non orthogonal. I am left with broken pieces of rock that have to be hand gathered with a selection box tool.

The real world is just often comprised of non-orthogonal design drivers, and I am just asking for a selection tool that is flexible enough and fluid enough to keep up with the pace of imagination.

Does the Vertex Tools selection tool work on non-quad geometry?

This is Select by Polygon from S.D.Mitch.
These cubes are a mixture of groups components and raw geometry.


Thanks so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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