Changing the Shape of the Selection Box?

When trying to select round, or elliptical shapes on a model, it’s difficult to grab them using the rectangular bounding box. Most of the time it gets too much and I have to go back an deselect the unwanted geometry.

An elliptical selection method would be much easier to manage in this case, and I’m wondering if there are any plug-ins which create that sort of thing.

…or perhaps this is just a feature request for the SketchUp developers to please consider offering a elliptical/round selection method.

Something similar to what Photoshop has with it’s Elliptical Marque Tool would be Awesome. and I think a major time saver.

Not sure if its best to have a 2nd selection tool, or to have a modifier key which toggles the existing one from rectangular to elliptical.

or maybe having a lasso style tool would be more versatile than the elliptical marque style tool.

Have a look at S D Mitch’s Select By Polygon and see if it meets your needs.

Thank You, Box

I will definitely look into that. I’ve never seen that site before. It looks good, so I’ll also plan on a bit of exploring while I’m at it.

Thanks again… and Take Care,


@thomthom s vertex tools ($) have 4 selection shapes: rectangle, circle, polygon and freehand.