Circular Select

First Is there a way to select by a circle? Obviously we have the rectangle, but when working with anything circular it is incredible difficult to select the appropriate portion. Say you are building a tire and want to select the hub or the rim. There is no good way to do this, at least that I am aware of. If so please enlighten me! Else it would be a very nice addition to add.

My suggestion is a drop down on the current selection arrow that provides different shapes to select by.
Seems like the rectangle and circle would be the most basic types.

It’s not soo hard is it? Right direction select boxes only select things completely inside the selection box, while left direction boxes select anything they touch. The select tool has modifier keys for add to selection, subtract from selection and toggle selection. Here I use right direction select boxes that only fit certain circles, then I use subtract select to de-select the hub.

Another possibility: VertexTools (Thomthom)

@endlessfix In your example that works but it also includes grouping large variation in size. I am working with gears and want inner parts, but because of the sizes involved I keep selecting segments that are part of the teeth…