Select tool with 2-D bounding box skips one entity


I’m currently working with a model that contains multiple nested groups/components. All lines and surfaces are (I hope!) on layer 0; groups and components have been assigned other layers.

I wanted to collect everything into one uber-group, so I used the Select tool to draw a 2-D bounding box around everything. It selected everything except one rather ordinary rectangular box (the only modification to it being the use of Fredo’s RoundCorner tool). I could do a shift-click on it to include it with everything else; but I shouldn’t have to do that.

Of course, the first thing that jumps to mind is some outlying stray line segment. But if I click-select just that single rectangular box, its blue bounding lines are consistent with what I can see. And if I then try to select only it by using the draw-box method, it refuses to be selected.

What’s going on here?

The accompanying file contains just that rectangular box that refuses to cooperate.

cant-select-the-base.skp (158.1 KB)



That’s because of the guideline you included inside the group. Use a right to left selection instead of a left to right or delete the guideline first.



Wow! Interesting!

  1. I didn’t know about this right-to-left selection technique. Is that documented somewhere? Why does it make a difference?
  2. Poo. I usually delete the guidelines. I guess it’s a good thing I left it in there; I just learned something!




Yes. It is documented here and probably elsewhere.

The left to right selection box selects only those entities which fall completely within while the right to left selects entities which fall at least partially within the box. This gives you better control over what gets selected.

Unintended consequences. :slight_smile: Since it was on the negative blue axis, it might have been difficult to see depending on your computer’s graphics. I would suggest a keyboard shortcut for Delete Guides and get used to using it.



Thanks for the explanation. I will surely make use of that.



You’re welcome. Make sure you watch the video included at the link.