Unable to "select" object by click and draw out. Must triple click to select

Unable to “select” object by click and draw out. Must triple click to select. Any suggestions?

Do you mean by click and drag? Which direction are you moving the cursor while holding the left mouse button? Left to right selects anything that falls fully within the selection window. Right to left select anything that falls partially within the selection window. If you are dragging left to right, maybe you are fully encompassing the object with the selection window.

Yes, I mean click and drag. I have been moving left to right to only select object fully within area.

is your object a group or a component?

And now that doesn’t work? Can you share your .skp file so we can see what you are working with? ANd give some idea of what you are trying to select.


As soon as I release left key, the doted line disappears.

It should disappear when you release the button. You need to hold the button while you are dragging the selection window out. It should be a solid line box with left to right and a dashed line box with right to left. See my GIF above.

You are correct it is a solid line. A you say, hold the button while dragging the selection window out. My description was not the best.

So when you hold the mouse button down it does work?

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