Select tool/Lasso select tool not working

New to SketchUp. Been watching videos, and I always see that multiple objects can be selected just like any other program by clicking and dragging a box around the item(s) you want to select. How do you do that in SketchUp? When I use either the select tool or the lasso select tool, nothing happens when I click the mouse. What am I missing here? Selecting stuff is usually so routine and intuitive, but as far as I can tell, not this program. Please help!

Do you have the Select tool? Are you holding the left mouse button while dragging the selection window? With the Lasso tool are you holding the left mouse button while dragging the lasso around the objects? Also keep in mind that a left to right selection window and a clockwise lasso select only objects that fall fully within the selection area. Right to left selection windows and counterclockwise lasso loops select anything that falls even partially in the window.

Another possibility is that the geometry you are attempting to select is within a non-open group or component, and you are doing a left-to-right selection (or a clockwise lasso) on only a portion of the group or component’s geometry.

Thanks for the responses, but let me reiterate: when I select the select tool (the arrow, I assume) and attempt to use it on anything, i.e., press the left mouse button, NOTHING happens. No marquee or selection window, no dynamic dotted line, nothing. I’ve tried clicking and releasing and clicking and dragging, but it’s as if I’ve done nothing. Very frustrating. Every video I watch, at some time or another, I see the guy selecting stuff with a square marquee, that seems to work just like Autocad, where there is a difference in what is selected depending on which way you drag, left or right. I get all of that. But I’m not even getting the marquee at all.

That is very odd.
Try repairing your install, find the downloaded install.exe, probably in your downloads folder. Select it then right click and choose Run as Admin, follow the prompts and choose Repair when given the option, follow the prompts.
Reboot PC, open Sketchup and check.

Could also be a graphic card issue, you mention Nvidia, make sure you have the most up to date driver directly from Nvidia, don’t let windows tell you it is up to date. Make sure that Sketchup is using the Nvidia card, you may have a built in card as well that is being used.