Select left to right not working

I am unable to use the select tool in left to right, works fine right to left. I downloaded and ran a test using sketchup 2017 checkup and everything says it’s fine. I’ve see a couple threads indicating it’s probably the graphics card which stinks because it’s soldered in and can’t be updated. Any work arounds?

Can you confirm that when you select left to right the intended selection is completely INSIDE the selection box?

Right to left = any entities crossed will be selected
Left to right = any entities entirely within selection box will be selected.

You may well have a graphics issue, but I thought to ask as I don’t know what level you are at.

Yep I’m an idiot. Had access to autocad for many years but no longer so still breaking shortcut habits and figuring out the differences in the programs, Thanks for helping out!!

So it does work then?

yep. since i had the entities set as groups i wasn’t catching a tiny corner and that’s what was throwing me off. thanks!

Great!, there can be issues with graphics, but seen as though it worked one way, I thought it should work the other.

No worries, we’re all learning, I have a few “clangers” myself! :smiley:

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