Select does not work as documented - disappointed

Disappointing to finally shell out $299 and find outdated support videos and documentation for older versions, all of which seems to incorrectly tell Mac newbies how to select an object. Created a rail on a cabinet face by creating a rectangle on the stile and then pulling across. Trying to then select the rail to make it a component - and the bugs start to come out. Triple click does NOT select full object, and ending at border does not create a box… Context select grabs all sorts of stray fragments, rendering Component function useless. User error is always my first assumption - but I’ve recreated 5 times with same Sketchup failure. Please help.

Can you share your .skp file so we can better understand the problem you are having?

If you haven’t already, see the Sketchup Fundamentals videos at

Major newbie error - make a group or component of the profile before push-pull or folow-me. See this - (

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in addition to what john says, there’s also the possibility to download the exercise files on the link above so you can do as the video says at the same time. (Even if those videos have been done in sketchup 2018 version, beeing fundamental courses, nothing will have changed since then)

One thing that is possible in recent versions of SU is the ability to create a component before you have drawn anything. I use the shortcut key G for creating a component. If you get into the habit of doing that regularly, what you draw won’t merge with any other stray geometry.

You were right to assume operator error!

The OP was granted a refund, which he requested about the same time as he posted here. I will close this topic for now, because he doesn’t have the use of SketchUp anymore, and is unlikely to come back to check for follow up suggestions.