Lasso / Polygon Selection Tool

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone knew any plugin that would allow me to select instances with a lasso or polygon shape? Rectangular box is not very convenient sometimes.
I know there was a plugin for this, “Select by Polygon” and a topic: We need a lasso selection tool.

But I can’t find the plugin anywhere (like other plugins from S.D.Mitch, I think he had troubles for copyright or something?).
And Vertex Tools is not free and I think wouldn’t allow me to select groups and components.

Thank you for your time!

I don’t know of a currently available extension that can do that.

He was falsely accused of a copyright violation with a different extension which caused him to withdraw his extensions/plugins. A sad loss to the community but certainly understandable considering the situation.

Ok I understand. This is sad for him. It was for the Floor Generator right? I read the story. I managed to find a copy of his plugin, so his work is not lost and he doesn’t have trouble. Can the Polygon Selection tool be found under the coat too?

This is the kind of inconvenience that pushes me slowly to Rhino…

I don’t know. It’s not considered cricket to distribute extensions/plugins that the author has withdrawn.

That’s an understandable opinion. Still thank you for your information :slight_smile:

Stretch by Area has a polygon option

Indeed, thank you!
It’s a bit long to select lot of elements (it also has to calculate the connection points with the model) but it works fine, and with groups and components.
I tried the Vertex tools free trial + s4u to components to polygon-select independant triangles and then transform them into identical components. Works well if you have Vertex tools!

SketchPlus has a lasso / polygon lasso tool, among many others: