Selection by Polygon

Good afternoon all,

The subject selection by polygon was closed the this sketchup community in 2017. I was just wondering if there has been a good alternative developed since or is somebody able to send me the selectbypolygon extension/plugin from Sam D MItch since it is no longer to be found on the internet, unfortunately.

Many thanks in advance

thomthom’s vertex tools allows that

Good evening Paul,

Thanks for the reply,

I had a look at that extension before but might be put in the right direction. What I want is to select all group with this group (see picture below)

Regards Rene

I didn’t suggest Vertex tools the other day because it selected vertices in the geometry bot the groups themselves.

indeed, but as thomthom says, It works on vertices, but vertex selections is transferred to normal SketchUp selection when you exit the tool


I don’t believe you can select the vertices in multiple groups with Vertext Tools, though, since you can only open one group at a time.