Select tool won't select individual edges on polygons


The normal select tool now always selects all connected edges on polygons and I cannot select individual edges. Is it always like this and I just didn’t realize? I’m new to Sketchup but I could have sworn that before I could select individual edges.




I think we need more infos, some possible reasons:

  • welded edges
  • grouped edges
  • ?


you can after using ‘Explode Curve’ from the ‘Context’ menu [i.e. Right Click]


I think Cotty has it: when you select one of these multi-edges, what does Entity Info show? If it says “curve” the edges in question were either drawn or welded into a single curve.


No Cotty, he’s right. I mean, I’m not sure if it always was that way, but I hadn’t noticed it before.

The edges of a polygon seem to be special in some way. You can right-click/Divide, and move the cursor to change the polygon to another number of sides. Or you can select Divide and type a number, Enter. In either case the polygon then has individual edges you can select.


The entity info doesn’t mention curve, but, you can right-click Explode Curve, which also makes the segments separate.

Point is though that the initially drawn polygon, without doing anything else to it, selects all edges when you click on one of them. Was it always that way?


Doh! My mind substituted polyline for polygon! I think that until you do something that breaks the polygon it has always acted that way, just like a circle does (which actually a special case of polygon).


Yes, it’s funny that it never seemed wrong to select all of the edge of a circle, and a hexagon is just a less detailed circle. So, I bet it always worked this way.


It has always been this way. In the last couple of releases, it seems to me that SketchUp has become somewhat better at preserving the polygons and circles intact, even after push-pull. Old versions had a tendency to explode them when you were not looking. Follow Me still does that.