Selecting Multiple Vertices Simultaneously with SUbD Crease Tool

Hello fellow SketchUp enthusiasts,

I’m currently working on a model that has thousands of individual vertices that need to be creased using the SUbD Crease Tool. The challenge I’m facing is the tedious process of selecting each vertex one-by-one. I’m looking for a method or workaround that would allow me to select all these vertices at once when I have the Crease Tool activated, rather than going over them individually. When I have all of the edges of the model selected, the crease tool works just fine but it only applies to the edges, not vertices which need to be individually selected.

Here the crease tool shows the values of all of the edges and allow me to edit them.

You can see here though, that the crease tool needs to be placed over the vertex to select it, but I’ve got many vertices that need to be selected.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue or found a solution to this? Any insights, plugins, or scripts that might help streamline this process would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

In reality, vertex objects are semi-virtual so are not a Drawingelement subclass object and cannot be pushed into the selection set.

When you see the tool select them they are really only being highlighted for a subsequent action.
I think this will require @thomthom to add a feature to his extension.

hmm… I guess I could add a function that adds vertices of the selected edges to the SUbD crease selection…

Would that work for the workflow?


A useful function, thank you, @thomthom !

Working on something…



Aaaand it’s live! (Version 2.2.0)


Thanks @thomthom, excellent and useful improvement!

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