Artisan crease multiple edges

Is it possible to crease multiple edges at once with Artisan Organic Toolset? I want to crease the border of the inner surfaces, but I’m stuck here creasing each individual edge. There’re 176 edges around the 6 curved surfaces…

Edit: I did it manually, but a way to crease multiple edges would still help in the future.

Are you asking how to select all those edges without having to click each one?

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Yes. Exactly! I want to select them all with Artisan’s crease tool.

Sorry, haven’t used Artisan for ages, just checked and it doesn’t work like I thought.
SUbD you can preselect the edges before creasing.
But you can drag the crease tool to select a path, shift will deselect any that you select accidentally.

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Have you tried Quadface tools - select loop and grow loop?

I can select the edges. The problem is creasing them all at once with Artisan.
@Box Thanks for the helpful information about SubD!

you might find doing it in wireframe mode makes it a little easier too?


I meant to say ‘subd, for example, lets you preselect’ which is what I expected with Artisan but then checked and found it didn’t.
Wasn’t trying to push you to use SUbD.

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There is a menu command in Artisan to crease the selection. Did you try that? The Artisan menu is within the Tools menu


Thank you! It works perfectly now. I love the extension. Your company did an amazing job making it!

That’s great to hear! Glad you are enjoying the plugin!

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