Select an edge in multiple groups

I have 15 different groups in a model. All of them contain objects with their front face being square. I need to select bottom edge of each front face without exploding the groups.

Is there any extension that will allow me to select certain edges in different groups or components?

If that would be possible, I could use profile builder to build profile on all of the paths I select without doing it one by one.

I hope this time we find a solution :relaxed: Thank you.


If all the faces you want to select an edge from are squared, why don’t you use components that you just resize if needed ?

I don’t think so…on your main request, but following up on Paul, you could paste a component in each group, replacing the edge. Then you can modify that component as you want. If the edges are different lengths–perhaps scaling the component will work in your case.

All of groups have square faces but each group has different dimensions - they’re all unique.

Selection Toys allows you to select edges around entire face inside of a group - but not just one edge.

Joint push and pull allows you to select different faces inside different groups without exploding.

Since these two work inside of groups there could be an extensiontthat aallows it?

EDIT Yes, depending on how the groups were made, rotating and scaling like this could be a lot to do 15 times. Easier just to run PB 15 times. Fortunately it’s a fast plugin

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