Is sketchup capable of drawing an elipse

Hi good people.

I am trying to create an elipse and have tried all the circle tools without success.
I also want to pull it into a 3D object and place it on the end of a polygon shaft end sliced at 45deg.
I cant seem to get a surface on the sliced polygon end though…any quick tips on this?

But first, any simple way to create elipses?


Does a scaled circle meet your expectations?

Edit: otherwise, there are plugins for this, e.g. Ellipse - Free Plugins - Regular Polygon
(But I don’t think you will need a plugin here)

Just going to bed so will only address the ellipse.
As cotty says.

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If you cut the end of a polygonal prism (shaft) at 45 degrees, you will as a byproduct of that operation create the exact ellipse to fit on the cut end, so no separate construction of an ellipse is required. You can then extrude the ellipse either perpendicular to the face of the 45 degree cut or parallel to the axis of the prism.


As Cotty and Box have pointed out, you can use the scale tool to squash (or stretch) a circle. I created a 3x5 ellipse and compared it to a scaled circle (both using 96 edges). I’m pretty sure that they are one and the same mathematically.

ovals.skp (21.8 KB)

As Gully pointed out, slicing a plane through the cylinder will give you the result “in place” without creating the ellipse separately:

Hey thanks again guys.

That was Super informative…I’m quickly moving forward again with your great tips.

There’s another thing I came accross when painting stuff ( like the sides of curved surfaces) where there are heaps of segments to individually color.
Is there a way to avoid clicking every segment?

Thanks again

Pre-select the stuff you want to paint and then paint it.

Thanks DaveR

You know…would you believe I had the hidden geometry ON ;-p…
Oops, painting that is crazy.

Now I can do it like you suggested.

Many Thanks


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Thanks a lot that is very refreshing!

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Hi - would some experts please help me with this shape?

This is the cross-section diagram of a luggage handle, which is not a rectangle. As shown in the diagram, a > b and they are not straight lines on the top and bottom sides. I like to model this so I can 3D print out a broken piece on the handle.

Thanks in advance!

Draw a rectangle with dimension B.

Get the 2-point Arc tool and draw arcs. Bulge equals 1/2(A-B).

Erase the long sides of the rectangle. Use Push/Pull to create thickness.

Sage Dave - Thank you so so much!

Adding to what @DaveR outlined to get the correct dimensions, you may want to revolve this about a circle or ellipse to create an ovoid handle (not sure what piece you are trying to replace).

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Perhaps he meant this is the cross-section of a D-handle.



Thanks so much again for all the great mentoring! At this time I believe Dave’s instructions will allow me to do the prototype. One thing I found about these prototypes is it is always so hard to carry out the correct measurements. After several trail-and-errors, then printing them using MakerBot’s ABS and STL file also need some tweaking which is very time consuming. Put it simply, the integrated design-to-prototype can’t be for a hobbyist. I will need to do some more studying. Thanks again folks!