I just want to make an ellipse why is this so hard?


This is crazy. I want to make an ellipse. 7.78 m by 2.35 m.
There is no ellipse tool, OK. I have to make a circle.
I make a circle now I have to resize using “Scale” tool.
Scale tool only shows me the proportional change. Crazy.

How is this done quickly. Thx.


Draw a circle with one of the dimensions. Use the Scale tool and move the appropriate side handle. Let go of the mouse and type the other dimension including the m for meters. Hit Enter. No big deal.

Or, if you have to have a special Ellipse tool, you could use one by “Regular Polygon” which is available here.


Here’s an extension that can make ellipses.

I drew a line first to align it to an axis.


Thank you guys so much!


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